Two Tips For Getting The Most From Your Fire Alarm System

The risk of a fire can be something that every homeowner will have to mitigate in order to keep their homes as safe as possible. While it is possible to install sophisticated fire detection and suppression systems, it is common for new homeowners to be unsure of how to get the most from this investment in home security. You can use the following two tips to make sure that your investment in a fire alarm system is as effective as possible.

Opt For Addressable Alarms

When you are installing a smoke alarm system, you will need to determine which type of alarm you want to use. To this end, you should consider opting for addressable alarms. These alarms are equipped with computer chips that can provide information to the alarm monitoring provider about which smoke alarm is being activated. By providing this information to the fire department, it may be possible for these professionals to more effectively fight the flames, which can help to minimize the damage to your home. Sadly, there are some people that will avoid opting for this upgrade because they assume this type of alarm will be too expensive for them to use. However, some insurance providers can offer steep premium discounts for homeowners that install fire alarm systems, and you can use these discounts to help offset the cost of addressable alarms.

Create A Schedule For Testing The Alarm

Fire alarm systems can be highly effective at protecting you and your family from fires, but it is an unfortunate fact that some homeowners will neglect to routinely test these systems. This can compromise the protection your home enjoys because an alarm may be faulty without you knowing it. To help prevent this type of problem from striking your home, you should create a firm testing schedule for the alarm system. By placing this schedule in a very obvious place, you will easily be reminded about when it is time to perform a test. Ideally, your fire alarm system should be tested every month to help ensure the system is functioning as intended.

Having a fire alarm system installed can be a great way of improving the safety of the house. Sadly, you may not be very informed about these upgrades if you have only recently purchased your first home. By understanding the benefits of opting for addressable alarms and creating as testing schedule, you will be able to help get the most out of this upgrade to your house.

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