Un-Terribling The Terribe Twos: Toddler Proofing Your Home

If you have just moved in a new home or your child is now at that age where you need to better secure your home for the toddler stage, then there are a lot of changes you should make around your house. Keep in mind that securing your home for a toddler will be a never-ending battle. Just when you think you have everything set, your child will quickly show you that you over-looked something. This article will give you some help on a few of the things you can do to better prepare your home for a toddler.

Install cameras

You can install nanny cams around the house or go with a security system. A security system is actually a better idea because you can monitor all the cameras at the same time. Plus, you will have the added benefits of the system's other features. This means you can set the system and be alerted to any of the doors or windows opening. You'll also be protected against a break in, which is always a concern, but especially worrisome for parents. For more information, contact local professionals like Safeway Security Systems

Have a chain link fence put up

Having a chain link fence installed will help you to contain your toddler in the yard better. Even when you are right next to them in the front yard, they can take off running so fast they can be hard to catch. When you have the fence in place, you don't have to worry about them getting out of the yard before you are able to catch up to them.

Have a locksmith install doorknobs or locks at a taller height

While you will always want to be on the alert for doors opening, you can help to create a safer space by having a locksmith come out and install deadbolts that are higher up the doors than normal. These deadbolts can be in addition to the ones you currently have, which will actually help to give you a door that's even more secure.

You can also have the locksmith go around the house and look for any weaknesses. Then, they can take care of them for you. As a professional, the locksmith will be a great resource when it comes to knowing just what you should be doing to create an even safer living space for your toddler. They can even install better locking systems on the windows for you.