Do You Want To Install Video Surveillance Systems For Your Car Wash Center? 4 Features Your Cameras Should Have

Car wash centers may be a target for unlawful activity such as robbery and car damage. You might also have to deal with false car damage claims when running a car wash. Therefore, you must set up measures to protect your company, clients' vehicles, and employees. One excellent way to do this is to install security surveillance cameras around your business location. But before you go for basic camera systems, you might want to learn a few things to prioritize when investing in surveillance systems.

Below are some things your car wash CCTV cameras should have.

1. High-Definition 

Video quality will determine how well you can respond to false claims, disputes, and vandalism charges. Customers often trust you with their vehicles. That's a huge responsibility, which is why your camera system should help you record the vehicle's license plates and pre-existing damages before your services.

The cameras should also help you record any suspicious intruders who could be eyeing the vehicles brought in by customers. If your surveillance systems do not have high resolution, you might not be able to prove your innocence, and you could open yourself to liabilities.

2. Water and Weather Resistance

Most car wash activities happen outdoors, so you'll need to factor in the weather conditions. Your video surveillance cameras should provide resistance to water and heat. It might also help to choose systems that can withstand the impact of pressurized water from power washing. This will ensure your investment serves you for a long time without any issues.

3. Complete Area Coverage

You'll need to set various security cameras strategically around your car wash. This is to ensure every corner of your establishment is monitored. Besides installing outdoor cameras, you could consider getting inspection cameras. When a vehicle drives into the premises, the inspection cameras should capture every angle of the vehicle, including its floors. If a client complains of vehicle damage, the inspection cameras will show whether the vehicle came in with the reported damages. When you have concrete evidence, settling disputes and filing an insurance claim is easier.

4. Remote Connectivity

Modern surveillance systems allow you to watch your car wash remotely. You don't have to be there to see what's happening in your establishment. However, these cameras depend on internet connectivity to make remote monitoring possible. Weak internet connectivity leads to low-resolution videos, slow uploads, and time lags. Most cameras are also wireless to allow you to install them even in the most unexpected locations.

Before buying a security system for your car wash business, consult with reliable camera installers and suppliers. You can use the tips above to help choose excellent surveillance systems for your business. Reliable security camera systems will help you stay vigilant against thieves and burglars and protect your reputation.